16 juli 2008

About me

What can I tell about myself? Well, I am a pharmacist, working for a leading pharmaceutical company as Director for one of its Research and Development Departments. I am born in Gorinchem in the Netherlands in 1960. I live in Alkmaar since 1995. I am married and have a son and two daughters.

My most important hobby is model trains. My expertise is in scratch building of model scale houses and I am very experienced in modeling sceneries. My best achievement is the creation of a new model for Holland Scale in 2008, called Zandweg. In the same year, I started to use the Airbrush to refine my models. I started with weathering of my models. I see my ability to use the Airbrush as a major improvement of my skills. My favorite discussion forum is Beneluxspoor.net, where I submit my contributions under the pseudonym "Rocodil"

I started my weblog about three years ago. I try to add new contributions on a monthly basis. I publish them usually at the beginning of the calendar month. During holiday seasons the frequency may be lower. If you whish me to adress a specific subject, please let me know. I can try.